22 kW upgrade kit

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For sale is a 22 kW conversion kit for smart vehicles which were built between 2012 and 2016.

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The kit includes a 2nd generation 22kW charger. It replaces the 1st generation affected by the serial defect. In addition, the matching HV wiring harness, a new type 2 charging socket, cooling hoses and brackets into which the charger is then screwed. In addition, all the necessary small parts. Here is the full parts list:

The parts come from a European crashed smart ED3, which was built in 2015 and drove approx. 80,000 km.

This article is linked to the vehicle via the chassis number. To use it in another car, you have to clone the software of the defective device to the replacement device. You also need to unlock the 22 kW charger in the software of the car. You can buy this service seperatly in the shop.


The parts are explicitly sold as a functional used parts, they are not new parts. This is a high-voltage component; if it is installed by a person without a high-voltage certificate, the used part cannot be taken back. The installation must be carried out by qualified personnel, otherwise there is danger to life and limb.

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