Update to the 95 HP Brabus software

Not Available

The smart ED3 accelerates already very well from the factory, but it gets even better with the 95 hp Tuning from the Brabus. This also brings the Brabus Sport mode. Since the smart ED3 and the smart Brabus ED3 got the same powertrain, the tuning can be easily performed via a software update. With the Brabus Tuning, your smart ED3 also drives 5 km / h faster.

The prices does not include a deposit of € 199.95 for the motor control unit. The money will be refunded as soon as your old motor control unit arrives at my place again.

The update is in great demand, if it is not available at the moment, then I wait for customers' control units to come back. Please check back in 1-2 weeks, then it should be available again

In my blog post you will find my installation experience and a performance curve straight from the test bench.

Price including 19% sales tax plus Shipping