22kW charger

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A 22kW charger of the 2nd generation is for sale. It replaces the 1st generation affected by the series error.

More about the serial error: 22kW charger - BRUSA NLG664 teardown & error analysis

With the part number А4519822521 it corresponds to the most advanced revision available for the smart ED3 (BR 451) and is compatible with the older part numbers. This article is the high-voltage component N83/10.

The 22kW charger comes from a European crashed smart ED3, which was built in 2015 and drove approx. 80,000 km. Workshops also like to call it "on-board charger 22 kW".

This article is linked to the vehicle via the chassis number. To use it in another car, you have to clone the software of the defective device to the replacement device.

If you cannot do this yourself, you can send the defective part to me and I will take care of the software. It can take up to 6 weeks before you get the functional device back. For a surcharge, you can also get the defective part back.

It is recommended to connect the 12V battery to an external trickle charger during the waiting period.


The 22kW charger is explicitly sold as a functional used part, it is not a new part. This is a high-voltage component; if it is installed by a person without a high-voltage certificate, the used part cannot be taken back. The installation must be carried out by qualified personnel, otherwise there is danger to life and limb.

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