Does my smart feature a 22kW charger?

  • You can tell whether your smart has a 22kW charger or not, by two things:

    1. If you look through the slots between the lower trunk lid and the rear, you will either see the street or a silvery device. If you see the street, you don't have a 22kW charger
    2. But it is easier to recognize by the charging socket. I have a small graphic here:

    Schnell- oder Schnarchlader EN

    If you don't have a 22kW charger, the bottom two pins are missing in the type 2 socket. Therefor the charging socket is only capable of charging with a single phase, which means that you have the 3.7 kW charger. If you've got a type 1 socket, you've must have a 3,7 kW charger.

    Side info:

    It is normal for the pin at the top left is longer than the right one.