05-ED4 Battery warrenty

  • How does it work with the battery? Battery lease?

    With the smart ED4, the battery is included in the purchase price, it no longer incurs any running costs. You have a battery warranty of 100,000km, or 8 years. Smart guarantees that the battery has over 70% (36Ah) of its original capacity. If a new battery is actually nesacary, it's going to be free for you.

    As mentioned at the beginning of the battery is no danger. My smart already proved with us that after 100.000km it still has 90% of its remaining capacity. It is therefore likely that the battery will outlast the car.

    You can find technical details about the battery here,

    By the way:

    If you want to take the time, you can also build yourself a tool to read the battery: Read the remaining capacity of your smart electric drive yourself

    Charging times:

    240 V wall socket (2,3 kW): 7,5 h

    120 V wall socket (1,2 kW): 14 h

    Wallbox / charging station (3,7 kW): 5 h

    Wallbox / charging station (7,2 kW): 2,5 h

    Wallbox / charging station (11 kW): < 2 h

    Wallbox / charging station (22 kW): < 1 h