Update Smart Media Connect & TomTom GPS Update

  • If the previous owner has not yet updated the TomTom navigation system, this must be done later. As long as your navigation system still knows where you are driving around and your location has not simply been frozen, you already have the update. Otherwise you have to proceed as follows:

    "Since I have dealt with the updates for the Smart Media Connect, I would like to write a little guide for you.

    Despite everything, I have to point out that I can only give the recommendations based of my personal experience and do not accept any liability for consequential damage due to incorrect implementation.

    GPS update TomTom

    Time required: approx. 30min

    What do you need:

    • USB stick with at least 1GB in FAT32 format

    The pure GPS update can be downloaded here, including instructions for installation!

    Note: My navigation system went off shortly before the end during the update! I turned it back on and everything ended automatically. It may take some time before the maps of Europe are recognized again.

    Update Smart Media Connect

    Time required: approx. 45min

    What do you need:

    • TomTom's software (Windows / Mac): Download link
    • In addition, an SD card reader (if not integrated in the PC)

    1. Take the SD card out of the Smart (Attention: switch on radio - menu - system - eject SD card)

    2. Install the software on the computer and start it

    3. Sign in with a TomTom account (already had one from the past, it works fine!)

    (if you don't have one, just create a new account)

    4. The software would like to connect your navigation system via USB - the message is misleading, but is successfully acknowledged as soon as the SD card has been inserted into the computer.

    5. Now you can install map updates, new voices etc. pp. (The actual update took about 30 minutes for me)

    6. I recommend ejecting the SD card via the taskbar and not simply pulling it out - the TomTom Smart Media Connect software should be closed beforehand (after a successful update!)

    Based on Poldi 's excellent German manual, I've now translated this topic for you in English.