29 smart BRABUS electric drive

  • From 2012 to 2014

    Electric driving is fun and that's why it is absolutely logical that Brabus offers an extra variant of the smart ED3. Equipped with exclusive optics packages and encreased performance, it is the first fully electric Brabus.

    The smart BRABUS electric drive is a smart electric drive "refined" by Brabus. As you can see in the technical data, it actually has a bit more power.

    In addition to the increased performance it come with many Brabus optics to the betrayed that this is a not to be underestimated smart electric drive. Most striking are the black headlights. From the factory, only the Brabus electric drive in black / green optics were available. In the meantime, many have replaced the white bodypanels with black ones in their normal ED3.

    In addition, more equipment is included. Thus, the heated seats, the LED day-time driving, 3-spoke steering wheel with recuperation pedals as well as wide Brabus rims are added. Due to its wider tires its consumption is 10% higher than the ED3's, with the normal wide tires the Brabus has the same consumption as the standard ED3.

    You can also get the Brabus tune on a standard smart ED, more about it here.

    Technical details:

    60 kW (82PS)

    135 nm

    130 km / h vmax

    10.2 s 0-100 km / h

    Every electric Brabus has the Brabus Xclusive package

    BRABUS front spoiler and side skirts

    BRABUS headlights

    BRABUS leather seats with heated seats, decorative stitching and Brabus logo in the headrest

    BRABUS instrument panel and door trim in leather look

    BRABUS 3-spoke leather sports steering wheel with recuperation pedals and cruise control

    BRABUS velor floor mats

    Interior accent parts in aluminum look