09-ED3 OnBoard Charger

  • The smart ED3 was shipped from the factory with a 3.7kW charger, for a surcharge you got a 22kW-charger. The 22kW charger was only available in Europe, in the US it is not possible due to lack of three-phase power network.

    Upgrading a car with the 3,7kW-charger to the 22kW is not possible.

    Standard charger

    Supplier: Lear Corporation

    Designation: unknown

    Input: 1-phase @ 16A (100V - 240V)

    Output: max. 380VDC @ 15A

    Charger subject to surcharge

    Supplier: BRUSA Elektronik AG

    Designation: NLG664

    Input: 1-phase to 3-phase @ 32A

    Output: max. 410VDC @ 80A

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