Weihnachten 2021 EN

I wish you relaxing holidays and a happy new year. Enjoy the time between the years, relax a little from this turbulent year and look forward to the future.

2022 will be an exciting year. For smart, for EQpassion and also for me as a person. I am really happy that you like what I do and I am particularly grateful to those who I can message or call over and over again when I have any organizational questions or problem in the background.

It was a very eventful year with many ups and downs and I am grateful for everyone who helped me to tackle it so well.

I hope you are as exited, as I am, to see what our favorite brand will do in 2022. It will definitely be very exciting. Both what they will introduce and what else you happen around them.

In any case, you can be sure that I will continue to observe and report on it. I also have some really great projects in the pipeline for EQpassion that I'm really looking forward to.



Special thanks to the cb design visp GmbH for lending me this awesome picture of their specially wrapped smart EQ.