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    Many thanks,

    My own home charger is tethered and works perfectly. The type 2 cable came with the car new and is definitely OK for phase 3. It is quite thick. The car is still under warranty and I have no issue visiting dealer. Just before XMAS they indicated they could not look at the car until February at the earliest!!

    Hopefully they will find the fault. -

    Thanks. No we are in Westhill a busy residential suburb of Aberdeen. As it happens I am just back in with car and still having issues - both charging units visited today operated by Chargeplace Scotland - who state in the past there are no issues their end. Power could be affected today by people on New Year holidays and at home with COVID.

    1. 22kw charger point. Connected, charged for 5 mins then "charging not possible - visit workshop" and "diagnostics icon" - both in amber. Went for walk for 10mins but "diagnostic icon" remained on. Car starts Ok - moved to another CP unit 3 miles away at Kingswells Park & Ride.

    2. Had to use 43kw rapid - connected, charging and stopped after a few minutes. This time red warning "STOP See owners manual" with red 12v battery icon above and at side. Warnings disappeared when I switched on ignition.

    3. Car starts Ok - drove to new 22kw free Tesco units and topped up perfectly.

    Hi, I generally charge at home in Scotland using 7Kw wallbox. Works perfectly. Seldom drive far from home. I am finding though on many occasions when I use a 22kw public charger (using my cable) it charges ok for a short time (5min to15min) then I get the yellow warning "Charging not Possible - consult workshop" along with yellow diagnostics sign. I am aware of the 15 minute shutdown procedure etc but I have never done this at the public charger area. However I can still drive the car so usually go home, lock up for 15 mins, and then it will charge OK and warning signs have disappeared. What causes this and is there anything I can do to ensure of being able to charge fully at public chargers.?