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    Where do you want to switch to 32A? Do you plan to override the 20A/4,6KW limitations, and allow 32A monophase 230V? Generally the charging system checks the Amperage of the charging cable, the built-in charger setting and the home connection, and selects the lowest value for the charging Amps.

    Yes, mod only by overriding the limitations (this topic is about it, correct?).. can this take higher current value also from home schuko monophase? I don’t need faster charging at home.. only on stations can be a huge improvement!

    Thx M! My concern was only not to overload the home wires (shuko monophase) if allow 32A charging… so, basically, if i switch to allow 32 A, it will speed up charging at stations (7,2 kw) and it’ll remain the same back home (3,7 kw)? Correct?

    Hi Moritz,

    Thx for all the posts and effort… 💪💪💪

    Simple qst, if i do the mod (ED4, i assumed, as mine is 2017) to increase charging current (to 32A) it will also take it through home charger, or higher amperage will take place only on charging stations (here ac 22,1 kw)?

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