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    Thx M! My concern was only not to overload the home wires (shuko monophase) if allow 32A charging… so, basically, if i switch to allow 32 A, it will speed up charging at stations (7,2 kw) and it’ll remain the same back home (3,7 kw)? Correct?

    Where do you want to switch to 32A? Do you plan to override the 20A/4,6KW limitations, and allow 32A monophase 230V? Generally the charging system checks the Amperage of the charging cable, the built-in charger setting and the home connection, and selects the lowest value for the charging Amps.


    It did that with a smart 451. You can't do that with a smart 453, you would have to replace the close to everything, charger, motor and more in the back of your smart.

    Why? The Smart 453 is also available with a 22KW charger. I understand that an exchange of the charger is a bigger project, but isn’t is comparable with the job you did to your 451?

    PS: as I understood, an EU Smart can only be charged with 4,6KW. 7,2KW is only programmed for Smarts exported to the UK, as they mostly don’t have 3-phase home utilities.

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    Thx for all the posts and effort… 💪💪💪

    Simple qst, if i do the mod (ED4, i assumed, as mine is 2017) to increase charging current (to 32A) it will also take it through home charger, or higher amperage will take place only on charging stations (here ac 22,1 kw)?

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    If your car has the built-in standard 4,6KW/20A Single Phase (230V) charger, an increase to 22KW/32A/400V can be made, by replacing the built-in single phase charger, by a three phase 22KW Charger. MineCooky has done this already. Details can be found in the forum. If you have a 3-Phase home Wallbox 22KW32A/400V, charging would be similar to charging at public charging stations. But I doubt that your home has a utility connection large enough to supply the required 3-phase 400V/32A/22KW Wallbox. Otherwise the home charging will still be limited to 2,3KW 230V single phase (Schuko Plug)