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    I think you have got it morrisey! The video helped a lot.

    Your help is very much appreciated. I was looking on the wrong side it seems.

    I compared mine with the video and it looks identical. Now I just have to find a suitable replacement filter that doesn't require a lot of money. :)

    I have a 2018 ForTwo electric (in Canada) and I am wondering a) which filters fit the car or do I need to get an OEM version and b) has anyone changed it and would be willing to share the process?

    I have looked online for videos but it seems the method of changing it depends on the year/model, e.g. I don't seem to have an accessible cover with two clips.

    I tried the USB convertor with a 7" Samsung Tablet and it worked perfectly!

    Much easier than using a laptop. The software even allows macros for common commands although I haven't tried that yet. Easy to email myself the data results for my records.

    Thanks TZAC29.

    I am WRONG - again! Sorry - I skimmed over Germany Letter Post - my head must have said that wouldn't work for Canada. Order will be done next and I may be back for the Battery Tool. Thanks for being patient with me! :)


    Thanks - we have decided on the Electric Drive sticker, Mid size, lettering in matt grey but the shipping by DHL is "very high" at 45 Euros, and there is no rush to get them - is there a way it could be shipped another cheaper way?

    Thank you SO MUCH MIneCooky - the only diagram I found did not show it at all.

    I will now see if I can get it in Canada or the US to save shipping costs but I really appreciate your help.

    I'm not sure if I get what's the question. Which informations are you missing in my shop? :)

    Sorry - does this help?

    What is the cost of each of the following stickers - probably in blue or grey:

    Subtle for front and back (21 cm x 2 cm each)Small on the doors (40 cm x 4.5 cm each)

    We bought a 2018 Smart ED and just discovered a "cover" missing on the driver's side dash close to the windshield, not far from the VIN number. There seems to be only one such cover all across the dash.

    Does anyone know what it is called or have a part number so I can get one please?

    We just bought a pre-owned 2018 Smart to add to our plans to get rid of all ICE devices (we already have a Kia Soul EV) and would like to buy some "electric drive" stickers but need some help re. costs. We are looking at either the Subtle for front and back (21 cm x 2 cm each) or the Small on the doors (40 cm x 4.5 cm each) in blue - haven't made our minds up yet.

    Could someone explain what they each cost? Sorry but didn't know how to contact whoever looks after the shop side of things.