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    Thx 4-4, but my question was about just switching present built in charger (one phase) from 20 to 32 A..

    The maximum I managed to achieve on a home EU shuko socket is 12-13A. I am also limited by a 16A limiter. At a public charging station with a minimum power of 22 kW, I can easily charge with 7 kW

    Another better piece of information. You can also use your Android phone instead of a PC or Android Radio. Just buy a USB phone converter (type c in my case), install the Serial USB Terminal program, set the speed to 115200, turn off timestamps for clarity in terminal settings, connect phone to arduino OBD2 interface and that's it

    Perhaps one useful piece of information for those who have an Android radio in Smart 453 and use the ED scan master program. Namely, instead of a PC, it is possible to use an Android radio and its USB input / output port to communicate with the Arduino OBD2 interface. All you have to do is install an android program called "Serial USB Terminal", set the communication parameters (speed, parity ...) and then you can view and give all the commands on it as you do via your PC.

    Finally to introduce myself. Somehow I missed it, reading other topics with great interest. My name is Zeljko. I am the proud owner of a 2017 Cabrio Smart EQ with 35,000 km that I bought in Germany, and my wife and I drive it here in Croatia. I am an electrical engineer by profession and I have been working in the IT industry as developer and manager since the time when computers occupied entire rooms ^^ . I enjoy our Smart, an ingenious car for use in the city, not to mention the benefits of electricity. So far, I've put together a lot of new things in Smart (Mekede Android Radio with navigation, rear camera, console for small things under the handbrake, activated 7.2kW charging and install other small things from AlliExpress). Basically I learned a lot on this forum and FB group and I thank to Moritz who started this and selflessly shares his experiences with us beginners. I look forward to new topics

    You would have to get a wallbox, which supports time based charging. It then would tell the smart to wait until it tells him at some point, that he can now start to charge. There is an extra signal in the type 2 protocol, which is specifically for such use cases.

    Thank you !

    I’ve tried using a home charger that way but obviously without a wallbox this won’t be possible. Anyway, for me, Smart is parked within range of the remote key, so this option with unlock / lock helps a lot, when I'm already at home in my pajamas, so at least I don't have to go out to plug in and start charging.

    I have one problem with delayed charging. Since it is not possible to use the Android Smart app in my country, I arranged a delayed charge via the Sonoff smart switch. The idea is to plug the charger into the Smart, and turn on the 220V later when the time of cheap electricity starts. The problem that occurs to me is that after plugging the connector into the Smart and not turning on the 220V after a few minutes, the Smart on the socket turns on the red charging warning light and after a few minutes turns it off completely. After, for example, 10 pm, the timer turns on 220V, the automatic charging process does not start. Then the solution is to unlock and lock the Smart via the remote key and the charging after that starts and completes the whole cycle without any problems. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? Does anyone use this method of delayed charging?

    you couldn't register an account (through your dealer) and even if you managed to do that, the smart can't send and recieve anything in Croatia. :(

    Yes, I have an account because my dealer is in Dresden ( SternAuto ), but problem is that smart can't send anything here in Cro.

    Hm, how does it work at all without a gsm card. Mercedes has agreement with local gsm operators?

    Otherwise, the app can be extracted from any android phone by using the APK Extractor app

    Does this link help you in any way?

    But I'm not sure if the app even would work, when you've got it installed. For example in Litaunia, the smart EQ can't send and recieve anything to the app server. Noticed that on my roadtrip there.

    Link is not working on my phone with: Diese App ist für keines deiner Gerät verfügbar


    If I try in my Google Play : "This program is not available in your country"

    Obviously I won’t be able to use it here in HR