Fastcharging a type 2 smart with the CCS or CHAdeMO adapter from Tesla

  • From time to time I get the questions, if you can use the CHAdeMO to type 2 adapter from Tesla or the CCS to type 2 adapter, to fastcharge your smart.

    [Blocked Image:…tesla-ccs-adapter-02-png/]

    [Blocked Image:…/257-chademo-adapter-jpg/]

    Would like to dedicate this thread to the topic:

    Mechanically, you can actually connect the smart with a CCS or a CHAdeMO charging station. But electrically it doesn't work. CCS and CHAdeMO are charging standards that work with direct current, i.e. they have to be connected directly to the battery. But type 2, works with alternating current, so there is a box between the charging socket and the battery, which then turns the alternating current into direct current for the battery.

    With a Tesla, the adapter with the Model S and Model X, as they have an extra circuit, which can switch type 2 directly to the battery, bypassing the charger. This has historical reasons and therefore only works at Tesla. The smart and all other electric vehicles cannot be charged with this adapter.

    "And what happens if I try anyway?"

    Nothing. The car and the charging station notice that something is wrong and therefore do not start the charge. You can't break anything. But it doesn't charge either.

    smart fortwo Coupé 451er ED 3,7kW-Lader, 05/2013; > 250.000km (bei 250.000 km 22 kW nachgerüstet)

    smart fortwo Coupé 453er EQ 22kW-Lader, 05/2018 - 05/2021; 109.000km

    smart fortwo Cabrio 453er EQ 22kW-Lader, EZ 04/2021; > 15.000 km

    "Aus Gaspedal wird Spaßpedal"

    - Smart

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