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  • I had a minor fender bender the other day. I was in bumper to bumper traffic going no more than about 5 mph when the driver behind me hit me in the rear and pushed me into the car in front of me. There were no injuries and the damage looks to be very minor in all three cars. My 451 has a scrape mark and a couple of dimples, probably from the car's license plate that hit me. I looked closely for other damage around and under the car and saw none. However, in order to make things right, I may need to replace the rear bumper panel if it is even available. Do any of you have a good link to doing that?



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  • I've uploaded you the official Daimler instructions. I only have the German ones.

    So here's a rough translation of it:

    1 rear apron

    2 cover

    3 CBS stern

    4 bracket

    5 holders

    6 spreading clip

    7 latching

    8 aperture

    9 cladding

    Step 1:

    Unclip the cover (2) on the left and right of the rear apron (1) and unscrew the screws underneath

    Step 2:

    Remove the spreading clips (6) on the left and right of the rear apron (1)

    Step 3:

    Detach the rear apron (1) from the brackets (4)

    Step 4:

    Release latches (7) on the rear apron (1)

    Step 5:

    Unhook the holder (5) of the rear apron (1) from the CBS rear (3) and remove the rear apron (1)

    Step 6:

    Unclip the cover (8) and remove it

    Step 7:

    Unclip and remove trim (9)

    Step 8:

    Install in reverse order

  • Thank you VERY much for this info. I want to make sure we are talking about the same part. As you can see in my third photo, i.e. the piece with the scrape mark and dimples on it, that's the piece that may need to be replaced. Looks like your instructions are about removing the lower valence piece. Maybe that needs to come off before removing the piece I'm talking about?

    My initial search for the part may indicate that it is not available. I need part number A451 647 00 01 CE6L, called a rear-end center section of the rear body panel. That part number did not come up, but it looks like Mercedes now sells a generic panel that needs to be painted. The original panel is molded plastic with the color all the way through.

    Thanks once again for your help and for this new forum.



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  • Ohh crap, yes you're right. What I found is only about the lower part of it. :/

    Let me check, if I've got something for the whole assembly as well.

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  • Okay, here we go. It's again German, please use google translate to translate the individual steps. Should do a good job and save myself a bit of time.

    I assume, you don't need to worry about part (9), as they are the mounting points for the optional bicycle carrier.

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