Does my 2020 EQ? Basic questions

  • Some sort of radar that stops me from getting too close to a car infront?

    Some sort of steering wheel wobble or alert noise if I change lanes without indicating?

    Will the doors lock after a few minutes if I have left the car unlocked? (I think my old 453 did)

  • The radar the smart EQ has got is only going to stop the smart while driving < 30 km/h. Above that, it's going to warn you, that you should stop. If you then use the break pedal, it's going to support you and break full throttle.

    I think there was a lane assistent, but I feel like they removed it at some point. At least it's not available anymore. But it just rattled, didn't steer by itself.

    Good question, I'm not sure. The 451 does.. I think the current 453 does not. Maybe you can set that in the settings at the speedometer? At least I found there, that you can enable, that the smart is going to lock the dorfst, when you start driving.

    smart fortwo Coupé 451er ED 3,7kW-Lader, 05/2013; > 250.000km (bei 250.000 km 22 kW nachgerüstet)

    smart fortwo Coupé 453er EQ 22kW-Lader, 05/2018 - 05/2021; 109.000km

    smart fortwo Cabrio 453er EQ 22kW-Lader, EZ 04/2021; > 15.000 km

    "Aus Gaspedal wird Spaßpedal"

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