Increasing the US ED3 charger amperage possible?

  • I stumbled across this exceptional website while trying to remember how to calculate the state of health of my 2013 Smart ForTwo ED's battery (turns 9 years old in Feb 2022).

    I read Moritz's pageabout unlocking the 7.2kW charge ability on the EU ED3 (451 body, from what I've gathered).

    Do anyone know if the amperage for the US cars can be changed like the EU ones?

    If so, is there a detailed page on how to make this change? Being able to charge at 32A vs 16A would make a world of difference for me.

  • I'm sorry, but now I got what you stumbled across.

    Unlocking the 7,2 kW charger does only work for the smart ED4. As it has got a 7,2 kW charger by factory, which is limited to 4,7 kW in the EU. American 453 are already unlocked to 7,2 kW.

    The smart ED3, on the other hand, has got a 3,7 kW charger, which can't do more than 3,7 kW. So I'm afraid, but you can't unlock anything there.

    .. I'm now going to clarify that in the Wiki. Should have done that already while writing the article, but didn't realize I wrote that without clarifying that it only works for the smart ED4.

    smart fortwo Coupé 451er ED 3,7kW-Lader, 05/2013; > 260.000km (bei 250.000 km 22 kW nachgerüstet)

    smart fortwo Coupé 453er EQ 22kW-Lader, 05/2018 - 05/2021; 109.000km

    smart fortwo Cabrio 453er EQ 22kW-Lader, EZ 04/2021; > 30.000 km

    "Aus Gaspedal wird Spaßpedal"

    - Smart

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