repair of a damaged Smart 451 EV

  • Hi Iam Michael

    I have a workshop in Greece and have been working on Smart models 21 years.I was in official smart workshop network in the beggining.

    I am only writting as I would appreciate your opinion on a problem I encountered on a smart 451 ev.

    This is the story.A friend-client has bought 4 smart 451EV used from an auction.He brought the vehicles to my store.I took a diagnosis report and i concluded that the problems were 12v battery,high voltage battery discharged and bms bricked.I did change battery and finally repaired high voltage battery by changing evidually some cells.I send bms to Frank and after almost 2 months and after all parts gothered in workshop we started reassembling.I have a problem with comunication with bms .I did all wiring check and finally i decided to put another bms on car just to check if communication was possible.Finally it was possible so I am wondering if there is a problem in BMS after repair.

    Please advise me .

    All diagnosis reports from Xentry are available in any request

    thanks for your precious time

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