First photos of the smart SUV prototype

First smart Concept #1 Prototypes have been spotted

The first thing you can see from the side view is that there will be no portal doors. Nice to see on the door handles. As I wrote earlier, they were only used for the IAA to better present the interior of the vehicle. In my opinion, it also looks like there are still mechanical door handles. At least the front door handle seems to have one of the covers behind it, which is supposed to camouflage the car. But it could easily be, that the final door handles are simply not done yet.

First smart Concept #1 Prototypes have been spotted

The second picture shows the rear of the vehicle. Most notably, of course, this vehicle now has a boot lid and a rear window wiper too. So far, of course, according to expectations. Personally, I'm particularly pleased to see that the car has the study's taillights. So they should actually happen in the series. Again, the prototype did not have the exaggeratedly large tires and rims. What's going to be interesting is, wether the rear light will actually be one that goes across the whole trunk or not.

Interview auf der IAA: Der smart Conecpt #1 & fortwo


Thanks to Nico and Christian who pointed out to me that a Chinese site had already shown suspected images in December.

Besides a very bland view of the front, we also see that a smaller version of the rims could come from the study

Smart Concept #1 SUV production version exposed

What is more exciting, however, is that these photos even show images of the interior.

Smart Concept #1 SUV production version exposed

Smart Concept #1 SUV production version exposed

As usual with such vehicles, when parked, a lot of the interior is covered with more carpets and also relatively colorless that you just can't see anything. But here, too, it can be said that the whole thing has come a long way and, above all, is very close to the study. Personally, I really like the center console. In contrast to the study with more storage space.

Smart präsentiert den Concept #1


The vehicle seems to remain largely true to the description from the IAA. Anyone who would like to know more is certainly very well informed with my interview at the IAA:

Interview at the 2021 IAA: smart Concept #1 & fortwo