Smart presents the Concept #1

So yesterday evening the time had come. The smart Concept # 1 ("Concept hashtag one") was presented. A purely electric smart SUV in the B segment, which will start a new era for smart. It immediately becomes clear that smart has big plans and is striving to break with the brand's previous vehicles. Everything will be different, everything will be new, everything will be 2022 or even more futuristic.

“We’re celebrating an important milestone with the smart Concept #1, which is the forerunner of the next smart generation,” says Daniel Lescow, Vice President Global Sales, Marketing & After-Sales of smart Automobile Co, Ltd. “The near-production study is an exciting taste of what our customers can expect from the smart brand. The new smart Concept #1 is the first glimpse of our vision of a new and sustainable mobility. It’s characterised by progressive design, premium equipment and advanced technology.”

The Design

“The new sporty Concept #1 is a redefinition of the smart brand in a very cool grown-up way," says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler Group. “We have created a completely new design DNA that has the potential to establish smart as the leading design brand.”

Smart präsentiert den Concept #1 smart Concept #1 smart Concept #1 Smart präsentiert den Concept #1 Smart präsentiert den Concept #1 Smart präsentiert den Concept #1 Smart präsentiert den Concept #1 Smart präsentiert den Concept #1

With curved lines and few edges, they stay true to the brand in a certain extent and show what a modern smart looks like. Clearly geared towards customer requirements and as modern as possible. This is especially clear in the interior. Here they are extremely open and emphasize how much space you have if you can build on a purely electric platform.

The entire interior is very open and thanks to the portal doors this also looks very good to the outside. There is no B-pillar, whether and how the latter will go into series production, one can certainly still speculate. But it definitely looks very futuristic.

Smart präsentiert den Concept #1

Design and software become one

What smart missed out on with previous vehicles, where they are still far behind, is what they want to catch up with the Conecept # 1: Connectivity, software and user experiences are right at the top. A first hint of the new dimension of digitalisation of future smart vehicles is provided by the concealed door handles, which are merely indicated by light elements. The rear doors of the smart Concept #1 are hinged at the back and open in the opposite direction from the front doors. This portal door concept makes it particularly easy to get in and out of the car. And of course, we also get a all the buzzing words: artificial intelligence, an almost magical app and over the air updates. What we can definitely take is that the Conecpt #1 can be unlocked using a mobile phone. They emphasize this so much that I can definitely see it coming in the series.

But they are more specific with regard to the one screen in the middle, it's going to have 12.8 inches and will be powered by a powerful computer. With its own intuitive interface.

smart Concept #1 smart Concept #1 Smart präsentiert den Concept #1

Range, charging power and everything that makes an electric car

They are still holding back here, there weren't even any hints of that yesterday. So we have to continue to rely on our speculations here. Based on the platform, whose key data are already known, I expect at least 58 kWh and thus a real range of 300 - 400 km. Somewhere hidden on the webside they mention 430 km WLTP. I estimate charging power on CCS with 125 kW or even 150 kW. After the Interview a spokesman is being quoted promising 30 minutes from 5 - 80 %. I have already examined the detailed assessment in an earlier article (Geely announces minimum specs for new smart platform (460 km)). There's only one detail, they already set in stone: Length/With/Hight: 4.290/1.910/1.698 mm, Wheelbase: 2.750 mm

My conclusion

If smart sticks to the points mentioned and actually achieves the ambitious goal, then it will be a very exciting car. As always, the price is also going to play a big role, no one has commented on it. But all in all, we can probably look forward to a very modern car. It wasn't quite clear in advance what exactly we were going to see yesterday. The one official spoke of a pure study, the other again almost of a production vehicle. Ultimately, it has now become a near-series study. The goal is clearly defined: The first vehicles will be with customers by the end of 2022. And from what I know they are in time with that.